About Roy Robson

About Roy Robson

Roy Robson was born in south east London, in the UK. He has worked on a market stall, as a squash coach, on a factory assembly line and as a youth support worker. He eventually trained in the dark art of computer programming and worked for many years in the City of London, designing systems to track the flow of money around the world. He will confess to this being an almost impossible task.

He presently writes two series.

The Kenzie Marsh books involve a detective who has hit rock bottom after the death of her son and the collapse of her marriage. She is recruited by British Intelligence on a secret mission where she discovers a conspiracy so shocking it threatens not only her life, but the lives of everybody she knows.

The bestselling London Large series - which he co-authors with his brother Garry - features the relentless force of nature that is DI Harry 'H' Hawkins. As the tide of criminal gangs that flood London increases, Harry will stop at nothing to protect those he loves and do everything in his power to keep his city halfway civilised.

Roy has two daughters and currently lives in Bromley with his wife.