Crime Thriller Series Box Set 2

Crime Thriller Series Box Set 2

Books 4, 5 and 6 in the highly acclaimed London Large crime thriller series featuring Inspector Harry Hawkins: American Lockdown, Way Past Evil and Undefeated.

The London Large box set is a must for lovers of hard-boiled, thrill-a-minute crime action readers.

Here's a little more about how the London Large world works:

The central protagonist is Harry ‘H’ Hawkins, a hard-as-nails and experienced London murder detective who yields to no one in his determination to track down evil men and protect the public.

OK, so you’ve heard all this before...but trust us, you haven’t met a crime thriller hero quite like him.

H’s adventures take him deep into the bloody underbelly of a dark 21st century London populated by out-of-control eastern European crime gangs, serial murderers, terrorists, establishment paedophile-ring conspirators, people traffickers, and murky international forces that would bring Britain to its knees. H takes on all these – as well as his own demons – with uncompromising and relentless gusto, a passionate conviction that right is right and wrong is wrong, large doses of gallows humour and, when the crunch comes, a selfless, reckless courage.

So if you enjoy twisty, surprise-filled, high-octane and unforgiving crime action that doesn’t pull any punches (and we mean any) and ragged but honourable heroes who are ready to die – and kill – to defend their values, you’re going to love H, his family, colleagues and friends, and the searing intensity of the ordeals they endure in the battle to keep Londoners safe, and their city half-way civilized.

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