Sharp and Short 1

Sharp and Short 1

Sharp and Short tracks DI Harry Hawkins through a series of key moments in his life, from youthful uncertainty and knockabout adventure to the sometimes tragic intensity of his mature years.

Across the six stories we see H, amongst many other things, chasing the ladies, getting acquainted with extreme violence and drinking like a fish as a boy and young man; helping vulnerable friends and dishing out righteous vengeance on their behalf, both as a twenty-something warrior in his prime and an exuberant and fearless policeman in his thirties; descending into depression and alcoholism as the relentless strain of confronting evil takes its toll on his personal life in his forties; and wrestling with some of the comic absurdities of London life in 2017 as a Private Investigator.

These stories - Home Front, Counter-Punch, On Tour, That’s Life, Unsafe Space and Tipping Point - are an absolute must for anyone who likes a cracking good yarn or has an interest in the development of Harry Hawkins’ character and heroic commitment to trying to do some good in a dark world.

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