A young boxer, ready for the fight of his life. A murderous crime syndicate, wanting a piece of him. An ex-cop and his family, putting their lives on the line to save their own.

When Terry Hawkins gets a shot at the British welterweight title his whole family and community are electrified - until a powerful crime syndicate moves in and starts calling the shots.

Terry finds himself threatened and alone, but can tell his family nothing if he is to keep them alive. As the fight draws near, the thugs up the stakes and take control. But they have underestimated the rage and resilience of the boxer’s uncle, ex-London copper Harry ‘H’ Hawkins. As Terry buckles under the pressure and the storm clouds gather, H gets on the front foot.

But time is short - can H identify and track down the men responsible for the terror and destruction raining down on his family before his loved ones start to die? And can he juggle this with the impending death of his father, his struggle with an old adversary aiming to bring him to public disgrace and imprisonment, and his attempt to give his nephew a fighting chance of coming through in one piece?

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