Silent Whisper

Silent Whisper

In a post-truth world where nothing is what it seems ... to survive, the hunted must become the hunter

The second gripping thriller in the storm breaking Kenzie Marsh Chronicles featuring British Intelligence agent Kenzie Marsh, from Amazon #1 bestselling author Roy Robson.

Time for you to kill ... Time to make the world a better place.

These words echo around the mind of an award-winning journalist as she drives a car into a crowd of innocent people on London Bridge.

The papers report a one-off incident perpetrated by a woman with a history of mental health problems.

Kenzie Marsh knows differently.

As the world teeters on the brink of the coming totalitarianism of which it is blissfully unaware, Kenzie Marsh goes undercover to delve deep into a cabal of scientists and industry leaders intent on controlling the entire human race.

Those with power believe themselves to be untouchable ... but Kenzie’s search for truth and justice knows no limits.


***** I love the way Roy writes and his books really keep me interested and up all night!

***** Wow, what a wild ride. An absolutely fantastic read.

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